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Fall 2021 Courses

English courses enable students to focus deeply on the diversity of stories people tell and to develop their own stories.

The Department of English offers over 200 courses each year about the stories people tell—past and present—with a focus on literature, language, rhetoric, film, media, and creative and analytical writing. Our courses for English majors contain 15-25 students, allowing for discussion-centered, hands-on experiences.

Course Catalogue

See the Undergraduate Catalog for a full list of our course offerings and Testudo for our current courses. Also see the Office of Extended Studies website for information about our summer and winter courses. Below are specialized descriptions for current and upcoming courses.

Major Requirements

If you are an English major and English-Education major,  consult our English / English-Education Boilerplate. View English major requirements and English-Education major requirements a given course meets.

See our boilerplate for English majors declared before 2018.

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Courses: CMLT Comparative Literature

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Courses: English

Course Title Section Instructor
ENGL101 Academic Writing
Multiple Multiple
ENGL101A Academic Writing
Multiple Multiple
ENGL101C Academic Writing Multiple  Joshua Weiss
Academic Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL101S Academic Writing
Multiple Multiple
ENGL101X Academic Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL130 Race and the Cultural Politics of Blood: A Historical Perspective
Kim Coles
ENGL140 American Fictions: U.S. Literature, History, Politics, and Constitutional Law Multiple Benjamin Baker
ENGL143 Visualizing Knowledge: From Data to Images Multiple Oliver Gaycken
ENGL143C Visualizing Knowledge: From Data to Images Multiple Oliver Gaycken
ENGL201 Inventing Western Literature: Ancient and Medieval Traditions 0101 TBA
ENGL222 American Literature: 1865 to Present 0301 TBA
ENGL233 Introduction to Asian American Literature 0101 TBA
ENGL234 African-American Literature and Culture 0201 TBA
ENGL235 U.S. Latinx Literature and Culture 0101 TBA
ENGL243 What is Poetry? 0201 TBA
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture
Multiple Mauro Resmini
ENGL250 Reading Women Writing 0101 TBA
ENGL254 Introduction to Humanities, Health, and Medicine 0101 Marybeth Shea
ENGL255 Literature of Science and Technology 0101 TBA
ENGL256 Fantasy Literature 0101 TBA
ENGL257 Children's Literature Multiple Multiple
ENGL262 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 0101 Matthew Suriano
ENGL265 LGBTQ+ Literatures and Media Multiple Multiple
ENGL271 Writing Poems and Stories: An Introductory Workshop Multiple Multiple
ENGL272 Writing Fiction: A Beginning Workshop Multiple Multiple
ENGL273 Writing Poetry: A Beginning Workshop Multiple Multiple
ENGL275 Scriptwriting for Theater, Film, and Television Multiple Multiple
ENGL280 The English Language 0201 Linda Coleman
ENGL282 How Rhetoric Works: Persuasive Power and Strategies 0101 TBA
ENGL290 Introduction to Digital Studies 0101 TBA
ENGL291 Writing, Revising, Persuading 0101 TBA
Writing in the Wireless World
0101 TBA
ENGL296 Reading and Writing Disability 0101 TBA
ENGL297 Introduction to Professional Writing
Multiple TBA
ENGL301 This is English: Fields and Methods Multiple TBA
ENGL308C Special Topics in Shakespeare; Shakespeare's Nature(s)
0101 Alan Montroso
ENGL310 Medieval and Renaissance British Literature 0101 Thomas Moser
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature 0101 Jason Rudy
ENGL313 American Literature 0201 Robert Levine
ENGL316 Native American Literature 0101 Chad Infante
ENGL321 Comics and the Graphic Novel
0101 Lee Konstantinou

Special Topics in Film Studies; Sexuality in the Cinema
0101 Eugene Robinson
ENGL329J Special Topics in Film Studies; The Films of Alfred Hitchcock 0101 Marianne Conroy
ENGL329L Special Topics in Film Studies; The Disney Studio and the Animation Industry
0101 Paul Cote
ENGL346 Twentieth Century Fiction
0101 Brian Richardson
ENGL352 Intermediate Fiction Workshop Multiple Multiple
ENGL353 Intermediate Poetry Workshop
0101 TBA
ENGL360 African, Indian and Caribbean Writers 0201 Sangeeta Ray
ENGL362 Caribbean Literature in English 0201 Sangeeta Ray
ENGL368B Special Topics in African American, African, and African Diaspora Literatures; Blues and African American Folksong
0201 Barry Pearson
ENGL368D Special Topics in African American, African, and African Diaspora Literatures; African American Folklore and Literature
0201 Barry Pearson
ENGL373 Senior Honors Project 0101 TBA
ENGL378I Special Topics in English; Graphic Novels by People of Color
0101 Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
ENGL378L Special Topics in English; Narrating the City 0101  Emily Mitchell
ENGL378M Special Topics in English; Digital Publishing with Minimal Computing: Humanities at a Global Scale
0101 Raffaele Viglianti
ENGL378R Special Topics in English; Storytelling with Code 0101 Kari Kraus
ENGL379A Special Topics in Literature; Comparative Black and Native American Literature 0101 Chad Infante
Special Topics in Literature; Folklore, Themes, and Archetypes in Literature 0101 Michael Olmert
ENGL379V Special Topics in Literature; Gypsy Culture 0101 Eugene Robinson
ENGL381 MGA Legislative Seminar 0101 Thomas Lowderbaugh
ENGL384 Concepts of Grammar 0201 Michael Israel
ENGL385 English Semantics 0201 Michael Israel
ENGL388D Writing, Research, and Media Internships; Dickinson Electronic Archives 0101 Martha Nell Smith
ENGL388P English Careers Internship 0101 Karen Lewis
ENGL388T Writing, Research, and Media Internships; Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities Internships
0101 Purdom Lindblad
ENGL388V Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in English Multiple Multiple
ENGL388W Writing Center Internship
Multiple Thomas Earles
ENGL390 Science Writing
Multiple Multiple
ENGL390H Science Writing Multiple Marybeth Shea
ENGL391 Advanced Composition Multiple Multiple
ENGL391H Advanced Composition 0201 Mark Forrester
ENGL392 Legal Writing
Multiple Multiple
ENGL393 Technical Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL393H Technical Writing
Multiple Christopher Crane
Technical Writing 3001 TBA
ENGL393X Technical Writing 1501 TBA
ENGL394 Business Writing
Multiple TBA
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions
Multiple Multiple
ENGL398A Writing for the Arts
Multiple Multiple
ENGL398B Writing for Social Entrepreneurship
Multiple Multiple
ENGL398C Writing Case Studies and Investigative Reports
Multiple Multiple
ENGL398E Writing About Economics
0801 TBA
ENGL398L Scholarly Writing in the Humanities
0301 Mark Forrester
ENGL398N Writing for Non-Profit Organizations Multiple Multiple
ENGL398R Writing Non-Fictional Narratives
Multiple Multiple
ENGL398V Writing About the Environment Multiple Multiple
ENGL410 Edmund Spenser
0101 Kim Coles
ENGL412 Literature of the Seventeenth Century, 1600-1660
0101 David Simon
ENGL420 English Romantic Literature
0101 Orrin Wang
ENGL428O Seminar in Language and Literature; Black Sexuality in Literature and Film
0101 GerShun Avilez
ENGL431 American Literature: Revolution to Civil War
0101 Edlie Wong
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period
0101 Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
ENGL437 Contemporary American Literature 0101 Lee Konstantinou
ENGL438P Selected Topics in Media Studies; BookLab: How to do things with Books
0101 Matthew Kirschenbaum
ENGL439D Spotlight on Major Writers; Dickinson, Erotics, Poetics, Biopics: Some (Queer) Ways We Read Poetry
0101 Martha Nell Smith
Feminist Critical Theory
0101  Jessica Enoch
ENGL453 Literary Theory
0101  Christina Walter
ENGL454 Modern Drama
0101  Michael Olmert
ENGL455 The Eighteenth-Century English Novel
0101  Laura Rosenthal
ENGL458B Literature by Women After 1800; Sexualities and Life Writing
0101  Martha Nell Smith
ENGL460 Archival Research Methods in English Studies
0101 TBA
Narrative Analysis Methods in English Studies
0101  Brian Richardson
ENGL466 Arthurian Legend 0101  Thomas Moser
ENGL469I Magic and Myth in Contemporary Literature
0101 Alysia Sawchyn
ENGL470 African-American Literature: From Slavery to Freedom
0201  Julius Fleming
ENGL478E Selected Topics in Literature before 1800; The Story of Troy: An Ancient Tale Told and Retold
0101  Linda Coleman
ENGL478O Selected Topics in Literature before 1800; Body of Frankenstein
0101 Orrin Wang
ENGL479C Literary Spinoffs: Rewriting and Reprising the Classics
0101 Edlie Wong
ENGL487 Principles and Practices of Rhetoric
0101  Sara Wilder
Graphic Design and Rhetoric
0101  Melanie Kill
Writing Genres as Social Action
0201 Melanie Kill
ENGL494 Editing and Document Design
0101 Cecilia Shelton
ENGL497 English at Work
0101 Scott Wible
ENGL498 Advanced Fiction Workshop
Multiple Multiple
ENGL499 Advanced Poetry Workshop
0101 Elizabeth Arnold
Special Topics in LGBTQ+ Literatures and Media; Queer Modernisms
0101 TBA