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Interpolations is a journal of academic writing from the University of Maryland. Annually, they publish essays  highlighting exemplary rhetorical work University of Maryland students produce when taking English 101: Academic Writing.

One of the purposes of an academic community is to facilitate the exchange of ideas among its members. This journal provides a place to foster students’ voices in the University of Maryland’s vibrant academic conversations. In each issue, student writers read and analyze, inquire and argue, and bring academic insights to bear on exigent civic issues.

Explore Interpolations Issues

Building on UMD campus

Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Read the publication.

The mall on UMD campus

Spring 2012

Read the publication.

Jim Henson Statue and kermit.

Spring 2011

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Sunset on umd campus

Spring 2010

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Fall trees on campus

Spring 2009

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Essay Assignments


Catherine Bayly, Editor-in-Chief

Scott Eklund, Managing Editor

Interpolations Submissions

The journal welcomes coursework from your current or former Academic Writing class at the University of Maryland. Follow the link below to submit.

If you are interested in learning more, send us your questions.