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The Department of English welcomes your visits, questions and comments.

Main Office

Department of English
2119 Tawes Hall, College Park, MD 20742

301-405-3809 •

Program Offices & Contacts

Main English Office
Amanda Bailey Chair and Professor 301-405-3807
Kevin Nesline Director of Operations 301-405-3808
Valerie Hornsby Coordinator, Main Office 301-405-3805
Shawn Saremi IT Coordinator 301-405-8514

Business & Scheduling

Shannon Bobbitt Assoc. Director, Finance & Personnel 301-405-0466
Payroll Coordinator
Jennifer Greenwell Business Coordinator 301-405-3200
Kellie Robertson Scheduling / Associate Chair and Professor
Michele Drummond Assistant Director of Scheduling 301-405-2076
Sarah Woldekidan
Scheduling Coordinator


For faculty and staff contact info, consult the Department of English directory.
For campus-wide listings, search the University of Maryland directory.