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Restoration Journal

Each issue contains scholarly essays; scholarly book reviews; and a unique, comprehensive and annotated bibliography of recent scholarship.

Purpose & Scope

Restoration publishes scholarly and critical essays on any subject in the field. We are open to all critical, scholarly, and theoretical approach that lead to new insights into English literature and culture, 1660-1700. We understand the Restoration period and its writing as wide (cosmopolitan connections; colonial projects; imperial ambitions), long (the continuing influence of Restoration drama into the eighteenth century, for example), and deep (aesthetics, politics, and cultural formations crucial to the period that continue to shape our world).

From the start, the journal has appeared semi-annually and offered scholarly articles, book reviews, and an annotated bibliography of new studies. Going forward, some issues will now feature a "Forum" section with brief reflections on important questions.

The Editorial Board, consisting of prominent Restoration scholars, serves not only as a policy group but also as the board of readers. Each submission is evaluated by at least one member of the Board. An advanced graduate student assists the editor with the management of the journal.


Editorial Board

Laura J. Rosenthal, Editor, University of Maryland

Misty G. Anderson, Recent Former Editor, University of Tennessee

Catherine Ingrassia, Book Review Editor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sharon Achinstein, Johns Hopkins University

Jack Armistead, Tennessee Technological University

Brian Corman, University of Toronto

Lisa A. Freeman, University of Illinois, Chicago

Anita Guerrini, Oregon State University

Charles H. Hinnant, University of Missouri

Derek Hughes, University of Aberdeen

Catherine Ingrassia, Virginia Commonwealth University

Robert Markley, University of Illinois

Joyce Greene MacDonald, University of Kentucky

Jean Marsden, University of Connecticut

Michael McKeon, Rutgers University

Maximillian E. Novak, University of California-Los Angeles

John H. O'Neill, Hamilton College

Jacqueline Pearson, University of Manchester

Daniel O'Quinn, University of Guelph

Janet Todd, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge and University of Aberdeen

James G. Turner, University of California-Berkeley

James A. Winn, Boston University


The editors and the board welcome submissions of scholarly and critical essays on any subject, using any convincing method, so long as they contribute significantly to our understanding of English literary culture, 1660-1700.
While preferring essays of 5000-7500 words (including notes), the editorial board will evaluate essays of any length. Restoration encourages submissions from scholars at the beginnings of their careers; however, seminar papers, conference presentations, and dissertation chapters should be revised to conform to the expectations of an academic essay.

Manuscripts should conform to the latest University of Chicago style, be double-spaced throughout, and avoid all authorial self-reference.

Please submit all manuscripts electronically to:

    Laura J. Rosenthal, Editor
    Department of English
    University of Maryland

Restoration seeks compilers for the semiannual, annotated listing, "Some Current Publications." Those interested should apply by letter to the Editor and should be recommended by a recognized scholar qualified to comment on the applicant's competence and reliability in meeting deadlines. Advanced graduate students are especially encouraged to apply.


Book Reviews

As with articles, book reviews for the journal should address the book’s contribution to our understanding of English literature and culture, 1660-1700. Books are selected by the book review editor for their contribution to the journal’s mission; we then locate and request a review from a specialist in the field.  Please contact the book review editor if you would like to review a particular book for Restoration or to express interest in reviewing for us in general.

Reviews of single books usually run approximately 1000 words and have no title. When Restoration solicits a review, we generally give a 4- to 6-month window in which to complete the review.

Completed reviews should be submitted in conformity with the most recent Chicago style, be double spaced throughout, and have 1.5-inch margins. Please begin the review with the bibliographic information for the book. We do not include the price of a book with the bibliographic heading.

Completed reviews should be submitted electronically as attachments to Any inquiries concerning book reviews should be addressed to the editor, Laura Rosenthal ( or the Associate Editor, Elaine McGirr ( or through the journal’s email address.



Restoration is published semi-annually for $35 per year or $75 per 3 years (individuals), and $50 per year or $140 per 3 years (institutions), plus $20 (3 yrs. $60) for delivery to non-U.S. addresses. Single issues available at $40 per copy (plus $10 per copy for delivery outside the U.S.

Domestic (Continental U.S. Address)
Individual - $35 for 1 year
Individual - $75 for 3 years
Institution - $50 for 1 year
Institution - $140 for 3 years

International (non-U.S. Address)
Individual - $55 for 1 year
Individual - $135 for 3 years
Institution - $70 for 1 year
Institution - $200 for 3 years

Single Issues
Single Issue - $40 per copy, U.S. address
Single Issue - $50 per copy, non-U.S. address

Credit card payments are now accepted. Checks or money orders should be payable to "English Department, University of Maryland." 

Send request and payment to:
Restoration Subscriptions
c/o Laura Rosenthal
2119 Tawes Hall
7751 Alumni Drive
Department of English
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Institutions can order a subscription online through Project Muse or by calling toll free 1-800-548-1784.