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Spring 2010

Interpolations is a refereed online journal showcasing superior student writing from the English Department's First Year Writing Program. These essays represent the finest work--a combination of compelling ideas and outstanding writing--being produced by our academic community's newest members.

One of the purposes of an academic community is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between its members so that vibrant conversations can grow out of the perspectives in those members' work. This journal is an effort to foster our students' voices in the University of Maryland's ongoing academic discourse. In addition to the thought provoking essays that appear in the journal, there will eventually be forums for the entire university community to respond to these papers so that a real visible dialogue can occur in this space.

Journal Information

Program Director

Dr. Linda Macri


Adam Lloyd

Spring 2010 Editorial Board

  • Jennifer Ashlock
  • Maggie Fromm
  • Nabila Hijazi
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Kisa Lape
  • Kimberly O'Connor
  • Natalie Phillips

Spring 2010 Essays

Considering Another Side Essays

Experience and Other Evidence Essays

Experience as Evidence Essays

Final Research Essays