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Spring 2011

Interpolations is a journal of academic writing from the University of Maryland. Annually, the editorial board publish essays highlighting exemplary rhetorical work University of Maryland students first produce when taking English 101: Academic Writing.

Journal Information

Program Director

Dr. Linda Macri


Adam Lloyd

Spring 2011 Editorial Board

  • Jennifer Ashlock
  • Nabila Hijazi
  • Kisa Lape
  • Leigh Ann Ruggiero
  • Maggie Ray
  • Danny Synk

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers:

The editorial board and I would like to welcome you to the latest edition of Interpolations. As you can see, Interpolations along with the entire English Department website has undergone an incredible redesign that everyone who sees it greatly appreciates. Unfortunately, due to the overhaul we were not able to publish the Fall 2010 edition of this journal in a timely manner and we decided to combine all of the submissions from the past two semesters into Spring 2011 “jumbo” sized version.

With double the number of essay submissions for a typical issue we faced a daunting task in trying to narrow down the best of the best. Once again, there was a great deal of debate among the editorial board as we discussed our diverging views on the plethora of superior essays that were submitted to us. The 16 essays that were selected as our finalists truly represent the exceptional work being produced by our freshmen students. The essays cover a wide array of thought-provoking topics analyzed through unique viewpoints, and they all express our students’ passion for engagement with the world.

Thanks to a wonderful addition, as part of the website redesign, we invite you to engage with our authors using the feedback section following each essay (retrofitted to all of our editions). We hope that your thoughtful comments about these articles will grow into an ongoing discussion amongst our academic community regarding the pertinent issues of our times. Fostering intellectual discussion and the exchange of ideas has always been one of our primary goals for Interpolations and it is our hope that the ability to post comments in response to these essays will light a fire that will continue to grow.

I would like to offer my appreciation to everyone who contributes to the production and success of this journal. Dr. Linda Macri, Scott Eklund, Kevin Remmell,  our dedicated and incredibly hard-working editorial board, each and every English 101 TA, and the life’s blood of this journal—the freshman students who very bravely offer their work to be judged and critiqued by us, and ultimately the rest of the world. Thank you all for participating in a community where students’ words and ideas are valued and their contributions are accepted as part of the ongoing academic conversation of our University.


Adam Lloyd

Spring 2011 Essays

Considering Another Side Essays

Experience and Other Evidence Essays

Experience as Evidence Essays

Inquiry Essay

Position Paper