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Our graduate program supports numerous colloquia for students and faculty, highlighting some of our key research areas: Cinema Theory Colloquium, Comparative Literature Colloquium (CMLTlab), Medieval and Early Modern Studies Colloquium, Digital Studies Colloquium, and Critical Theory Colloquium.

Cinema Theory Colloquium

This colloquium addresses theorizations of the current state of cinema as a medium. Topics include: the advent of the digital and the question of medium specificity, the supposed death of cinema and its afterlife and the rise of globalized filmic forms.

For additional information about the Graduate School Field Committee in Film Studies, contact Luka Arsenjuk (

Comparative Literature Colloquium

Join the Program in Comparative Literature for CMLTLab, a colloquium open to students and faculty from all units. For more information, contact Oliver Gaycken (

Medieval & Early Modern Colloquium

Join the Graduate Field Committee in Medieval and Early Modern Studies for a student and faculty colloquium supported by the Departments of Art History, English and History and the Schools of Music and of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Supplemental readings are available on a closed Ning site. Please contact Nate Reul (, Department of History, for access to the site.

Critical Theory Colloquium

This colloquium explores contemporary work in critical theory across a range of arts and humanities disciplines and beyond. It is required for students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Critical Theory but is open to all students, faculty and staff.

For more information, contact Orrin Wang (

Digital Studies Colloquium

This colloquium considers media theory across the arts and humanities and features guest presentations by ARHU faculty. It is required for students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities.

For more information, contact Matt Kirschenbaum (