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ENGL378L - Special Topics in English: Narrating the City

What is a city? What kinds of experience uniquely characterize living, traveling to and working in cities? And how have writers tried to imaginatively represent the peculiar qualities and possibilities of urban life through stories? This class will focus on narratives that highlight how dense, diverse, socially complex urban environments shape the lives, relationships, memories and selves of those who visit or inhabit them. Reading list may include works by: John Dos Passos, Virginia Woolf, Italo Calvino, Kobo Abe, James Baldwin, Donald Barthelme, Giuliana Bruno, Iain Sinclair, China Mieville, Jeanette Winterson, Leena Krohn, J. G. Ballard, Teju Cole and Zadie Smith.

0101 - Emily Mitchell

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