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CMLT398L - Special Topics in Comparative Studies; Sexuality in the Cinema

This course adds several new elements to the study of sexuality in the cinema: a) the sacred narrative—a narrative that explores the depiction of sexual religious themes in the cinema; b) how cinema deals with the subject of sex as a human experience and incorporates it into the narrative structure of the film; c) the shift away from mere content analysis to other means of analysis with the concentration on the screen-spectator relationship. The mythology of sexuality in the cinema will be explored as part of the psychosexual journey shown in films of different directors. It will be shown how cinema has responded to changes in the culture and how those changes have shaped the sexual representations on the screen. This course will examine how cinemas from other cultures incorporate themes of sexuality into their narratives; concomitantly, issues of politics, gender, domination, and exploitation will be explored. To this end, the student will be able to explore an area of research that will allow the development of a comprehensive research paper that will focus on one of the themes presented and discussed in class. *This description is subject to change.

0101 - Eugene Robinson

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