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ENGL444 Feminist Critical Theory

What are the key arguments and claims feminists make in the public sphere today?

How do feminists articulate the ways their gendered experiences intersect with experiences of race, culture, class, sexuality, and (dis)ability? What does it mean to be a feminist and articulate feminist arguments in 2021? These are primary questions for feminist scholars of rhetoric—scholars who study the ways gendered arguments are animated by the full range of identity positions and who explore how power and privilege shape these claims. In English 444, we will study the arguments of contemporary feminist activists and public intellectuals such as Mikki Kendall, Brittany Cooper, and Koa Beck, and we will explore feminist scholarship that engages the prime questions for the course, mining the work of such figures as Kimberlé Crenshaw, Karma Chávez, Jo Hsu, Ann Russo, and Tamika Carey. By the end of the course, students will have gained a rich and robust understanding of contemporary feminist arguments, and they will have fine-tuned the rhetorical skills necessary to assess and articulate the significance of these assertions.

0101 - Jessica Enoch

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