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Awareness. Action. Repeat. Social Media and Advocacy in the Digital Age

About the Author: Ben Dayanim

Ben Dayanim is a sophomore Business major. He is in the University Honors program and is the VP of Education for the Maryland chapter of TAMID Group, an international student-run consulting group for start-ups in Israel. Ben is originally from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, and spends his free time playing guitar, bass, ukulele, and harmonica.

By Ben Dayanim | Digital Forum

There is no doubt that organizations all over the globe are making drastic changes to their methods of public engagement--how they interact with users.   Instead of more traditional attempts to attract people's attention, such as fliers, phone calls, and door-to door introductions, social media, namely platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, have established a colossal, fast-paced presence in the world of advocacy, while other methods seem to be less prevalent. 

Many existing organizations such as NBA Cares and the ALS Association have turned to social media as a method of keeping up with the rampant growth of online populations; in some cases, campaigns have adopted new faces, new mantras, and new benchmarks for success. The Guardian even published an instructional piece for turning a social media campaign into a movement.  With a Pew Report calculating that the number of worldwide Facebook users tops the populations of most countries, it is no wonder that politicians, minor organizations, and major corporations have all hopped on the bandwagon that is the social network...


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