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The Future of Space Colonization

About the Author: Jacob Bringewatt

Jacob Bringewatt is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland majoring in physics and computer science. While he is majoring in the STEM fields and planning on pursuing a career in scientific research, he has loved reading and writing since a very young age and one day hopes to publish a novel. Outside of academics, Jacob enjoys practicing martial arts and playing the saxophone.

Should We Spread Beyond Earth?

By Jacob Bringewatt | Digital Forum

With private companies like SpaceX and Mars One planning on permanently settling people on the Red Planet within our lifetimes, colonization of other planets has become a pressing issue. Continue to the next page to explore the first of many different positions on the topic.

Mars or Bust

There are many individuals and companies who feel that the colonization of other planets should be a priority for a variety of reasons. Here we shall analyze some of the different reasons these stakeholders think we should be aggressively pursuing this goal right now...


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