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Summer 2021 Courses

English courses enable students to focus deeply on the diversity of stories people tell and to develop their own stories.

The Department of English offers over 200 courses each year about the stories people tell—past and present—with a focus on literature, language, rhetoric, film, media, and creative and analytical writing. Our courses for English majors contain 15-25 students, allowing for discussion-centered, hands-on experiences.

Course Catalogue

See the Undergraduate Catalog for a full list of our course offerings and Testudo for our current courses. Also see the Office of Extended Studies website for information about our summer and winter courses. Below are specialized descriptions for current and upcoming courses.

Major Requirements

If you are an English major and English-Education major,  consult our English / English-Education Boilerplate. View English major requirements and English-Education major requirements a given course meets.

See our boilerplate for English majors declared before 2018.

Summer 2021 Undergraduate Courses: English

Course Title Section Instructor
ENGL101 Academic Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture WB21 Oliver Gaycken
ENGL348G Literary Works by Women; Jane Austen: Novels, Films, Adaptations WB11 Tita Chico
ENGL359F Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film and Video WB41 James Goodwin
ENGL375 J.R.R. Tolkien: Middle-earth and Beyond WB11 Vessela Valiavitcharska
ENGL376 The Speculative Imagination: Science Fiction on Page and Screen WB21 Lee Konstantinou
ENGL378T Australian Literature and Culture GC01 Jason Rudy
ENGL388P English Careers Internship WB21 Karen Lewis
ENGL391 Advanced Composition Multiple Multiple
ENGL393 Technical Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL394 Business Writing Multiple Multiple
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions WB11 Michelle Moncrieffe
ENGL403 Shakespeare: The Early Works WB21 Kim Coles
ENGL409M Literature, Art and Architecture in London GC01 Michael Olmert
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period WB11 Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
ENGL459A Selected Topics in LGBTQ+ Literatures and Media; Gender and Sexualities in a Global Perspective WB21 Sangeeta Ray

Summer 2021 Graduate Courses

Course Title Section Instructor
ENGL679 Professional and Career Mentoring for Master's Students Multiple Multiple
ENGL898 Pre-Candidacy Research 0201 TBA