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ENGL459A Gender and Sexualities in a Global Perspective

This advanced course will explore and examine LGBTQI issues from a global perspective.  We will read a few literary texts (novels, memoirs, poetry) and watch a number of movies—long narrative films, short exploratory films, documentaries--that will allow us to understand debates around sexual norms and dissidence, gender identity and expression, and the relationship between aesthetic forms, representation and sexual subjectivity. These themes will be read through their intersections with class, gender, disability, and race, and through the lens of queer and trans theories. Our focus will be on texts composed primarily by writers and film-makers of color. While each text represents some aspect of lesbian, gay queer and trans life and experience, it is important to note that none of these texts is representative of queer/trans cultures, experiences, understandings, or ways of being in the world.

WB21    Sangeeta Ray

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