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News from Britt Starr

July 01, 2021 English

Britt Starr

Recent works and updates.

English PhD candidate Britt Starr's article, "Disturbing White Perfectionism in the Graduate Student Habitus" was published in the latest (Spring 2021) issue of Peitho.  This essay argues that perfectionism operates as a pillar of White supremacy culture in higher education that undermines graduate students’ potential engagement with antiracist transformation. Recognizing that transformation at the personal level is just one of many processes required on the path to institutional transformation, in this short essay, Starr works to provoke feminist graduate faculty of rhetoric and composition to consider how they might disentangle perfectionism from its complicated, normative place in the graduate student habitus in order to advance the antiracist transformation.

Starr also recently won a Wylie Dissertation completion fellowship and a Robinson Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Lastly, Britt Starr was featured in the Washington Improv Theater's Captain PhD Show to discuss her dissertation.