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Prizes, Awards and Fellowships

Congratulations to the English graduate students whose achievements in scholarship and teaching have been recognized recently by external as well as University and departmental prizes and awards.

Prizes and Awards

University of Maryland James A. Robinson Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

2021: Kerishma Panigrahi, Garth Libhart, and Brittany Starr

2020: William Charles Gonch, Nabila Hijazi, and Dominique Young

2019: Aqdas Aftab, Justine Marie Decamillis

2018: Carlos Chism, Andrea Knowles

2017: Norrell Edwards, Ruth Osorio

2016: Virginia Butler, Jeff Griswold

2015: Elise Auvil, Cameron Mozafari

2014: Elizabeth Ellis, Katie Stanutz

2013: Amanda Dykema, Nancy Stewart

2012: Heather Lindenmann, Sarah Sillin

2011: Michelle S. Lang Boswell, Thomas Earles, and Maggie Ellen Ray

2010: Stephanie Graham; Thomas Geary and Adam Lloyd

2009: Laura Heninger Hill; Jasmine Lellock

2008:  David Coley; Heather Brown

2007:  Kelly Wisecup; Damion Clark

2006:  Lara Crowley; Elizabeth Whitney

2005:  Andrew Raymond Bossert; Wendy Hayden

2004:  Rhondda Thomas; Donna Packer-Kinlaw

University of Maryland Center for Teaching Excellence Awards to Distinguished Teaching Assistants

2013-2014: Rachel Vorona, Elise Auvil, Adam Neff, Robert Wakeman, Elizabeth Ellis, Rachel Waugh

2011-2012: Isabella Cooper, Amanda Dykema, Michael Gossett, Amy Katzel, Nancy Stewart

2010-2011: Adam Binkley, Conor Burke, Kimberly Calder, Martin Camper, Kyle Garton, Lewis Gleich, Alison Hennessee, Amy Katzel, Adam Lloyd, Kara Morillo, Rebecca Borden Peters, Sarah Sillin, and Nathaniel Underland.

2009-10: Maggie Fromm, Mark Hoffman, Katherine Young, Shenandoah Sowash, Michelle Boswell, Amy Merritt, Andy Black, Kara Fontenot, Elizabeth Kelly Martin.

2008-09:  Agnes Bannigan, Eric Curry, Christy DeSanctis, Schuyler Esprit, Kara Fontenot, Brent McCafferty, Kimberly O'Connor,  Natalie Phillips.   

2007-08:  Michelle Boswell, Heather Brown, David Coley, Maura Elford, Stephanie Graham, Sarah Hamilton, Mark Hoffmann, Mary Frances Jiminez, Mirona Magearu

2006-07: Damion Clark, Julie Fiorelli, Mary Frances Jimenez, Gillian Knoll, Rebecca Lush, Christine Maffuccio, Jason Payton, Kelly Wisecup

2005-06:  Hannah Baker, Kathleen Barker, Rebekah Benson, Amber Cohen, Lisa Higgins, Ryan Kehoe, Megan Monserez, Michael Rosenberg, Benjamin Strickling, Rhondda Thomas, Shaundra Thomas, Amanda Travers, Jennifer Wellman, Laura Williams

2004-05:  David Adams, Kathleen Barker, Andrew Raymond Bossert, Cameron Bushnell, Charlotte Cline, David Coley, Nancy Comorau, Leslie Jansen, Elizabeth Kelly, Paul Otremba, Helen DeVinney

2003-04: Allyson Fetterhof, Edmund Chang, Erin Baggett, James Wynn, Jennifer Harding, Kathleen Barker, Margaret Kozicharow, Michael Doerrer, Rebekah Benson, Rhondda Thomas, Robert Ford, Sonya Brown

English Department Carl Bode Prize

2018: Emily Yoon Perez, "Worlding Race in Minority U.S. Fictions"; co-directors: Zita Nunes and Sangeeta Ray

2017: Elizabeth Miller, "Faithful Genres: Rhetorics of the Civil Rights Mass Meeting"; director: Jessica Enoch

2016: Katherine Stanutz: “Hidden Networks of Loss: Multi-Ethnic Media and Mourning in Twentieth Century American Literature”

2015: Lindsay Dunn Jacoby: “Literary Non-fiction and the National Park Movement, 1864-present”  

2014: Co-Winners: Kyle Garton-Gundling: “Rewriting Eastern Wisdom: Buddhism and Hinduism in American Literature from Jack Kerouac to Maxine Hong Kingston” and Sarah Sillin: "Global Sympathy: Representing Nineteenth-Century Americans' Foreign Relations"

2012: Laura Lauth: "Strange and Absurd Words"': Translation as Ethics and Poetics in the Transcultural U.S, 1830-1915."

2011: Deborah Bailin: “Prehistoric to Posthuman: Animality, Inheritance, and Identity in American Evolutionary Narratives.” Dissertation directed by David Wyatt.

2010: Tanya Clement: “The Makings of Digital Modernism: Rereading Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans and poetry by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven” Dissertation directed by Matt Kirschenbaum.

2009: Misun Dokko. "Dirty Bodies: Filth and Marginal Characters in Asian American Literature." Disstertation directed by Kandice Chuh.

2008:  Wendy Hayden. "Unlikely Rhetorical Allies: How Science Warranted U.S. Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century Discourses of Sexuality." Dissertation directed by Jeanne Fahnestock.

2007:  Co-Winners: Allison Fetterhof. "Strategic Nonnarration in Henry James." Dissertation directed by John Auchard and Tim Helwig. "Race, Nativism, and the Making of Class in Antebellum City-Mysteries." Dissertation directed by Robert Levine.

2006:   Jaime Osterman Alves.  "Miss Schooled: American Fictions of Female Education in the Nineteenth Century."  Dissertation directed by Jonathan Auerbach.

2005:   Edward Whitley. "American Bards: The Unlikely Bids for the Title of American Poet by James M. Whitfield, Eliza R. Snow, John Rollin Ridge, and Walt Whitman." Dissertation directed by Robert Levine and Martha Nell Smith.

2004:   Lara Vetter.  "Theorizing Modernism: Sexuality, Science, and Spirituality in H.D. and Mina Loy's Visionary Prose." Disseration directed by Martha Nell Smith.

English Department Alice L. Geyer Prize

2017: Jonathan Williams. "Melancholy's Wake: Loss and Literary Imagination in Eighteenth-Century Britain"

2016: Natalie Phillips Hoffmann. “Cosmopolitanism and National Identity: English-Language Poetry, 1820-1920”

2015: Michelle Boswell. "Beautiful Science: Victorian Women’s Scientific Poetry and Prose”

2014: Jamison Kantor. “The Life of Honor: Individuality and the Communal Impulse in Romanticism”

2013: Gillian Knoll.  "Erotic Language as Dramatic Action in Plays by John Lyly and William Shakespeare" and Jennifer Wellman.  Oral Storytelling in Modernism: Narration, Ideology and Identity."

2012: Rebecca Lush. "The "Other" Woman: Early Modern English representations of Native American Women, 1579-1690."

2011: Suzanne Tartamella. “Lauding and Loathing in the Works of Shakespeare: Epideictic Skepticism and the Ethics of Praise.”  Dissertation directed by Marshall Grossman.

2010: Zimmerelli, Lisa. “A Genre of Defense: Hybridity in the Nineteenth Century Women’s Defenses of Women’s Preaching.” Dissertation directed by Jane Donawerth.

2009: David Coley. "The Wheel of Language: Representing Speech in Middle English Narrative, 1377-1422." Dissertation directed by Theresa Coletti.

2008:  Elizabeth McClure. “Sensation, Pain, and Sympathy in Victorian Literature." Dissertaion directed by William Cohen.

2007:  Catherine Field. "'Many Hands Hands': Early Modern Englishwomens' Recipe Books and the Writing of Food, Politics, and the Self." Dissertation directed by Jane Donawerth.

2006:  Erin Sadlack. "‘In Writing It May Be Spoke:' The Politics of Women's Letter-Writing, 1377-1603." Dissertation directed by Theresa Coletti and Jane Donawerth.

2005:   Nora Bellows.  "Purgative Texts:  Religion, Revulsion, and the Rhetoric of Insurgency in Early Modern England."  Dissertation directed by Donna Hamilton.

2004:  Eric Berlatsky.  "Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication: History, Narrative, and the Postmodern Real from Woolf to Rushdie."  Dissertation directed by Brian Richardson.

English Department Kinnaird Prize

2018 PhD: Konstantinos Pozoukidis. "The Triumph of Death: History as Excrement in Mary Shelley's The Last Man."

2018 MA: Kimberly Ann Park. "You are Still Here: Remembering and Reconstituting Henrietta Lacks in Baltimore."

2017 PhD: Aqdas Aftab

2017 MA: Shaun Russell

2016 PhD: Justine De Camillis

2016 MA: Kirk Greenwood

2015 PhD: Jeffrey Griswold

2015 MA: John Arthur Schulz

2014 PhD: Audrey Farley

2014 MA: Danielle Allor

2013  PhD: John MacIntosh. "Taking Place Outside of Harlem: Redescribing Black Women's Geographies in Quicksand and Home to Harlem."

2013 M.A: Calvin Webb.  "Freeing the Archive: C.L.R. James and Interdisciplinary Speculation."

2012 PhD: Rob Wakeman. "A Calendar of Seasonal Discontent for Shepherds, Lover, and Other Petty Gods."

2011 PhD: Katherine Stanutz. “Invasive Species: Human Interactions with the Environment in Robinson Crusoe.”

2011 M.A.: Elizabeth DePriest. “You are permitted to speak”: Cora Gordon and the Importance of Black Speech in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Dred.

2010 PhD: Kaouk, Theodoere.  "The Lure of Mastery: Sovereign Fathers and Sovereign Friends in Hamlet and Michel de Montaigne's 'Of Friendship'"

2010 M.A:  Gleich, Lewis. "The Effects of Poetic Devices on Plot Construction:Toward a Theory of Response Events.”

2009 PhD: Lindsay Dunne. "Public Cure/Counterpublic Cause: Rhetorics of the Breast Cancer Movement."

2009 MA: Michelle Boswell. "Choosing Comedy and Philosophy: Constance Naden's Hylo-Idealist Poetics."

2008 MA:  Maggie Fromm. "Dame Sirith: The History According to the Text."  

2008 PhD:  Lawrence-Minh Davis. "'I'm Nat Textuell': Clerking and Anxiety in the Canterbury Tale."

2007 MA:  Caryn Taylor. "The (Un)Intelligibility of Experience in Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit."

2007 PhD: Elizabeth Veisz. "'warm ebullitions of African Sensibility': Diaspora and Sentiment in Ignatius Sancho's Letters."

2006 MA:  Joanne Roby. "Reading Silent Thoughts in Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out and To The Lighthouse."

2006 PhD:  Kelly Wisecup. "The Progress of the Heat Within: The West Indies, Yellow fever, and the Cartographies of Citizenship in William Wells Brown's Clotel."

2005 MA:  Margaret Rice. "Recuperating the Erotic Experience through Appropriation: A Rereading of Mary Magdalene Founds an Apologia for the Protestant Mary Magdalene."                    

2005 PhD: Kathleen Barker. "‘Will not the ladies be afeard of the lion?' Chester's Antichrist and the Appropriation of the Imposter in A Midsummer Night's Dream."

2004  MA: Kathleen Barker. "‘Wher your judgment or pen fayld you, I have made boulde to use mine': Versioning John Fletcher's  ‘The Woman's Prize' (1611).

English Department QCB Research and Travel Grants

2017: Nathan Tillman. QCB grant to conduct archival research at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea.

2016: Ruth Osorio. QCB grant to conduct archival research at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center archives and the New York Public Library archives in New York, New York.

2015: Elizabeth Ellis. QCB grant to conduct archival research at the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston.

2015: Stephen Rojcewicz. QCB grant to conduct archival research at the Beinecke Library at Yale University.

2014: Isabella Cooper. QCB grant to support travel to Bronte Parsonage Museum in the UK.

2014: Elizabeth DePriest. QCB grant to support travel to the Huntington Library in Princeton, NJ.

2014: Rachel Vorona. QCB grant to support travel to the Firestone Library in Princeton, NJ.

2013: Nathaniel Underland. QCB grant to support travel to HRC's Bowen holdings in Austin, TX.

2013: Nathaniel Underland. QCB grant to support travel to McFarline Library at the Univ. of Tulsa.

2013: Abbas Jamshidi (CMLT). QCB grant to support research in India.

2012: Lindsay Dunn Jacoby. QCB grant to support archival research in the National Parks in St. Paul and International Fals in Minnesota.

2012: Nathan Kelber. QCB grant to support archival research at the Hack Collectin and at the Tech Model Railroad Club at MIT museum.

2011: Ted Kaouk.  QCB grant to continue studying Shakespeare's "As You Like It" at Bard College.

2009: Damien Clark. QCB Grant to support research in the Hall-Carpenter Archives housed at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

2009: Anita Baksh. QCB Grant to support archival research related to her dissertation, "Unhomely Voices: Indo-Caribbean Writers and the Anglophone Caribbean Literary Canon."

2008:  Jason Payton.  QCB grant to do research at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass.

2007: Emily Dagger; award for research at the University of Toronto for her dissertation, "'Based on a True Story': Criminal Historiography and Contemporary Fiction."

2007: Kelly Wisecup; award for dissertation-related research on Native American religion and medicine at the Newberry Library.

2007: Tim Crowley; award for research in Spanish archives for his dissertation, "Religion, dynastic Politics, and the Poetics of Spanish and English epic romance."

2006: Elizabeth McClure; award for research at the British Library and archives in Yorkshire for her dissertation, "Sensation in Nineteenth-Century British Literature."

2006: Wendy Hayden; award for research at archives at Amherst and Smith Colleges for her dissertation, "Discourses of Science in Nineteenth-Century Feminists Polemics."

2005: Lara Crowley; award for research at the British Library for her dissertation, "Manuscript Context and Literary Interpretation: John Donne's Poetry and Prose in Seventeenth-Century England."

2005: Nazera Wright; award for research at the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Historical Society for her dissertation on conduct books for black girls.

2005: Magdelyn Hammond; award for research at the British Library for her dissertation, "Writing with Image: Verbal-Visual Collaboration in Twentieth-Century Poetry."

2004: Robin Smiles; award for research at Howard Gotlieb Research Center, Boston University, for her dissertation, "Romance, Race, and Resistance in Contemporary African-American Narrative."

2004: Timothy Helwig; award for research at the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA, for his dissertation, "Race, Nativism, and the Making of Class in Antebellum City-Mysteries."

External Awards and Recognitions


Ines Rivera. Jackie Mclean Fellowship at the University of Hartford.


Christopher Brown: ACLS New Faculty Fellowship award.

Shaundra Myers (2011) Post-Doctoral fellowship at Rutgers University.


Christopher Brown. Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.


Isis Semaj. Southern Regional Education Board Fellowship.


Jason Payton. W.M. Kleck Foundation Fellow and John Carter Brown Library Fellowship


Kathleen Barker.  Received Cosmos Club Young Scholars grant.

Tim Crowley. Received "Calvin & Rose G. Hoffman Prize" for a Distinguished Essay on Christopher Marlowe.”  

Kelly Wisecup.  Received Cosmos Club Young Scholars grant.


Deborah Bailin, Emily Dagger, Megan Monserez, and Kelly Wisecup. Participants, "Reconfigurations of American Studies," Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College.

David Coley.  Phi Beta Kappa Delta Scholarship, Connecticut College.

Lisa Higgins. Participant in Folger Institute Seminar, "The Novel à la Mode," Folger Shakespeare Library.

Tasos Lazarides. Cyprus-America Scholarship, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Cyprus Fulbright Commission.


Lara Crowley. Participant in Folger Institute Seminar, "Researching the Archives," Folger Shakespeare Library.

Marc Ruppel. Travel Bursary from Association for Computers and the Humanities, to attend conference on Digital Humanities 2006 at the Sorbonne, Paris.

Kelly Wisecup:  Rosa Parks Maryland Delegate Scholarship;  Doyle Niemann Maryland Delegate Scholarship, Maryland House of Delegates.


Tanya Clement. Bursary Award from Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, for travel to Annual Convention.

Mihaela Moscaliuc. Writers' Residency at Le Chateau de Lavigny, Switzerland; Ledig-Rowohit Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Erin Sadlack. Cosmos Club Foundation Grant-in-Aid to Young Scholars. For dissertation research at the British Library and Public Record Office, London, England.

Nazera Wright. Participant, "Outside American Studies," Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College.



Recent Fellowships


Setsuko Yokoyama. Graduate School Summer Fellowship.

Gerard Holmes. Kwiatek Summer Fellowship.

Aqdas Aftab. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Liam Daley. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Joe Good. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Bill Gonch. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Konstantinos Pozoukidis. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Justin Thompson. Departmental Summer Fellowship.

Danielle Griffin. Endowed Summer Fellowship for Archival Work in English Studies.

Nabila Hijazi. James W. Longest Memorial Award for Social Science Research.

Katie Frew. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship.

Abbey Morgan. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship.

Tamar LeRoy. Harman Ward Dissertation Fellowship.

DeLisa Hawkes. Snouffer Dissertation Fellowship.

Sara Faradji. Snouffer Dissertation Fellowship.