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Brittany Starr

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PhD Candidate, English

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Britt Starr is a PhD candidate in rhetoric at the University of Maryland pursuing graduate certificates in women’s studies and digital studies. She is particularly interested in the rhetorical processes that enable social transformation and the roles that evolving communication technologies play. Her dissertation explores how teen activists from Generation Z use social media to challenge gendered, racialized, and age-specific anger norms that have long made it difficult for young activist women to be heard.

As Fellow at the UMD Academic Writing Program, Britt helped redesign the curriculum and corresponding textbook to better engage antiracism and social justice. She leads the ZineClub, which she founded while helping to establish the BookLab, a makerspace, letterpress studio, library, and gathering place dedicated to the exploratory study of the codex book. Britt has also served on the University Senate and the Graduate English Organization.

Britt’s past awards include the Graduate Student Development Award at the 2019 Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute and a 2020 Summer Research Fellowship from the University of Maryland Graduate School. Her article, “Disturbing White Perfectionism: Willing Ourselves to Challenge Perfectionism's Place in the Graduate Student Habitus,” will be published in the Spring 2021 issue of Peitho Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition.

In addition to Academic Writing, courses Britt has designed and taught include “Dirty Computer: World-making in a Digital Age” (ENGL290, Intro to Digital Studies), “Composing Democracy in a Digital Age” (ENGL293, Writing in a Wireless World), and "Whose Gaze?: An Intersectional Approach to Film Form and Culture" (ENGL245, Film Form and Culture).