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I Finished English 101. What's Next?

April 20, 2021 English

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Enjoy what you explored in English 101? See what else the English Department has to offer with our fall courses.

This fall the English Department is offering over 100 courses in writing, rhetoric, social justice thinking, persuasion, and more.

Have questions about UMD English? Contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies Scott Trudell at

Browse English course topics:

Social Justice Thinking

Writing & Storytelling

  • Kari Kraus combines python coding with creative writing in her fall 2021 course “Storytelling with Code.” Students try their hand at telling stories through large-scale literary computing.
  • Practice writing for the stage, film, and television while examining selected scripts, performances, and film and television clips as models for your own creative work in ENGL275 Scriptwriting for Theater, Film, and Television.

Rhetorical Analysis & Persuasion

Student Links

  • Explore a minor in Rhetoric. The Rhetoric minor is an interdisciplinary program supported jointly by the Department of Communication and the Department of English and is open to undergraduates entering any discipline, field or career.
  • Explore a minor in Professional Writing. The Professional Writing minor offers students opportunities to engage deeply with the theory and practice of writing, editing and designing print and digital documents for professional workplaces, civic organizations and community deliberations.
  • Considering majoring in English? Learn about skills from the major, internship opportunities, and potential English careers.