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Marshall Grossman Lecture Series

Renaissance Reckonings was created by Professor Marion Trousdale in 1992.

With support from the College of Arts and Humanities and from the Department of English, it has run continuously since then, becoming one of the English Department’s most successful annual endeavors and helping to establish the department’s medieval and Renaissance program as one of the best in the country.

Offering presentations and seminars by many of the most distinguished scholars working in the medieval and early modern periods, the series plays a valuable role in the intellectual life of our faculty, in the professional development of our graduate students, in our interaction within the College and with local universities, and in broadcasting our department’s strengths to the profession at large. Since the passing of our beloved colleague Marshall Grossman, the department and the Renaissance area group together decided to rename the series as The Marshall Grossman Lecture Series in honor of him. In 2012, we concluded a successful fundraising campaign to make sure the series continues to flourish.

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