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Faculty Research & Writing Group Application

Call for ENGL Faculty Research and Writing Group Proposals

Priority application by 15 September 2021; rolling as funds are available beyond that date

The Center for Literary and Comparative Studies continues its pilot program aimed at enhancing faculty research in the department for AY 2021-22. Only faculty members with non-TTK standing of a three-to-five person research group will be awarded $250 per person to help underwrite costs that groups incur by ordering books and other research material or supporting research-related travel or conference participation.


  • meet at least twice a semester with such formats as a reading group or a writing workshop. Current departmental policies recommend that all meetings for fall 2021 be conducted via Zoom or another approved platform
  • advance each member’s research and scholarly writing
  • discuss common interests
  • produce the equivalent of a journal article, book chapter, or creative piece and present it to the group
  • comment on each other’s work

Applications of no more than 500 words in sum may be submitted by 15 September 2021 via this form and should include:

  • an outline of the proposed area of intellectual interest to be explored by group members;
  • a list of the group’s members;
  • a description of how often the group might meet
  • the envisioned content of the meetings

Reporting: A description of funded groups, based on the contents of submissions forms, will appear on our website to showcase faculty research in the department.

Eligibility: All professional track faculty and professors of the practice are eligible to become funded participants in a Faculty Research and Writing Group. Tenure track faculty and graduate students who are also lecturers may participate but will not receive funding.

Professional track faculty members are eligible for only one annual FRWG $250 award, although they may participate in more than one group.

Submit an application here  by 15 September 2021; rolling as funds are available beyond that date

Administer your grant:
If you plan to use your funds towards book purchases, submit this form to the Business Office (