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Recent Publication from Dennis Winston

November 07, 2022 English

Book Cover of "A Companion to African Rhetoric" with a half globe and Red background. Also a headshot of Dennis Winston smiling.

English Lecturer Dennis Winston contributed a chapter to A COMPANION TO AFRICAN RHETORIC

Dennis Winston, English Lecturer, contributed a chapter, “A History of African American Orature, the Badman Hero, and Gangster Rap,” to A Companion to African Rhetoric, published by Lexington Books, edited by Segun Ige, Gilbert Motsaathebe, and Omedi Ochieng. 

From the Publisher:

A Companion to African Rhetoric, edited by Segun Ige, Gilbert Motsaathebe, and Omedi Ochieng, presents the reader with different perspectives on African rhetoric mostly from Anglophone sub-Saharan Africa and the Diaspora. The African, Afro-Caribbean, and African American rhetorician contributors conceptualize African rhetoric, examine African political rhetoric, analyze African rhetoric in literature, and address the connection between rhetoric and religion in Africa. They argue for a holistic view of rhetoric on the continent.