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Jessica Enoch Works on 19th Amendment "Cluster Conversation"

June 01, 2020 English

Jessica Enoch profile photo

Jessica Enoch edited a "Cluster Conversation" in the journal Peitho.

Peitho is dedicated to the centennial memorializations dedicated to the passing of the 19th Amendment--women's right to vote. The journal is a part of The Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition fosters inquiry in feminist histories, theories, and pedagogies of rhetoric and composition. As a network of diverse teachers and scholars, the Coalition promotes intersectionality, collaboration, and communication

The title of the journal conversation is "The Suffrage Centennial: How, Why, and on What Terms Should We Mark this Moment?" UMD PhD student Katie Bramlett contributed an essay to the conversation "Stories of Filipinia Suffrage: Remembering Marginal Histories in Colonial Contexts."

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