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Graduate English Organization (GEO)

Attend events throughout the semester including conferences, luncheons, and lectures with fellow graduate students in the English Department.

AY 2020-2021 GEO Leadership

Title Officer Email
President Halla Khalil
Vice President Kym Drapcho
Technology Chair Jonathan Reyes
Secretary Elizabeth Dinneny
Librarian Nicki Kern
CMLT Rep Mehdy Payam
Treasurer Mike Lockwood

GEO Annual Conference

Past Conferences

You can read more about some of our past conferences on their blog pages:

2016 "Perversions" Conference

2015  "Departures" Conference

2014 "Trespassing(s)" Conference

2013 "(Dis)Realities and the Literary and Cultural Imagination" Conference

2012 "The Body Electric" Conference

2011 "Borderlines" Conference

2010 "Nomenclature" Conference

Graduate Student Resources

Progressing through the Degree

Graduate Student Rights

Professionalization Resources

The GEO Professionalization chair hosts several events each semester.  Other professionalization events occur through ARHU, the libraries, and other centers on campus.  

Archive of GEO events:

Archive of other events on campus: 

Grants, Fellowships, & Other Financial Support

Two sites that often list grant and fellowship opportunities are ARHU's Graduate Fellowships and Grants page and the Graduate School's Student Fellowships and Awards page. 

ARHU Research Development and Grant Writing Workshop, Cara Kennedy (Grants Development Coordinator)--28 April 2015

  • See also the accompanying handout with example documents. 

Travel & Research Support:

When funds are available, the English Department offers travel support for students presenting at professional conferences, conducting archival or other special research, and attending the MLA conference for academic job market interviews. You must apply through the English Department as well as to ARHU. Make sure you start your application in enough time to meet the deadlines for both!

Teaching & Pedagogy Resources

The Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) (formerly the Center for Teaching Excellence) also runs several events each semester, including speakers, a brown bag lunch discussion series, workshops, webinars, and more.  Here's also a link to the old CTE website.  

There are a number of CTE pedagogy books on the bookshelf in the Graduate Lounge that are free for anyone to use in planning or to scan content for posting on ELMS. 

Archive of GEO events:

Graduate Student Life

The office of Graduate Student Life runs the Graduate Student Lounge in Stamp, offers a monthly social series, and offers this handbook of resources.  


See the new Off-Campus Housing page, with links to apartment finders and roommate finders. 

Residency Reclassification

If you have moved to Maryland, follow the directions on this page to apply for a reclassification of your residency.  You need to complete this process before the first day of the semester in which you wish in-state residency to apply. 

Health Insurance

See the Business Office page. See the Open Enrollment benefit packets distributed to your mailbox for more information about the various health plans offered, or review the documents online.

Graduate Assistantships

Managing Finances

UMD has just launched an online financial literacy tool called iGrad that offers personalized mini-courses, articles and videos, financial calculators, and online advising options.  It also allows you to create a personal financial plan, track your student loans, and search for scholarships.  Sign up is free!

The Graduate School has posted the videos from a series of workshops called "Make $ense of your Money: Financial Literacy Workshop Series", covering pensions and investments, credit, and repaying student loans.   

UMD also provides tax resources such as Graduate School's Tax Assistance Program (TAP), especially for international students. 


Archive of Departmental & University Meeting Notes

Graduate Students by Cohort

PhD Students

Cohort entering Fall 2016

  • Aftab, Aqdas 
  • Bramlett, Mary 
  • Daley, Liam 
  • Good, Joe 
  • Moro, Jeffrey 
  • O'Connor, Sammy 
  • Reed, Kristofer 
  • Roberts, Nicole 
  • Thompson, Justin 
  • Young, Dominique 

Cohort entering Fall 2015

  • Allen, Claudia
  • Holmes, Gerard
  • Libhart, Garth
  • Pozoukidis, Konstantinos
  • Stroh, Jennifer C.
  • Vlahovici-Jones, Gabriela
  • Yeh, Andy
  • Yokoyama, Setsuko

Cohort entering Fall 2014

  • Bickoff, Kyle
  • Costello, Maura-Kate
  • Decamillis, Justine
  • Faradji, Sara
  • Gonch,  William                 
  • Griffin,  Danielle
  • Hawkes, Delisa                 
  • Hijazi, Nabila
  • O'Neil, Lindsey
  • Plante, Jacqueline
  • Roegelein, Hillary

Cohort entering Fall 2013

  • Beaulieu, Steve
  • Bruno, Timothy
  • Edwards, Norrell
  • Griswold, Jeffrey
  • Harr, Kayla
  • Kocis, Amanda
  • Leroy, Tamar
  • Osorio, Ruth

Cohort entering Fall 2012

  • Albright, Lauren
  • Bonnie, Sarah   
  • Butler, Virginia
  • Cobb, Collier
  • Compton, Susanna
  • Davis, Brian
  • Farley, Audrey
  • Kaczmarek, Kathryn
  • Morgan, Abbey
  • Mozafari, Cameron

Cohort entering Fall 2011

  • Auvil, Elise
  • Brearey, Oliver
  • Colson, Michael                
  • Durand, Emilee
  • Ellis, Elizabeth
  • Kason, Daniel
  • MacIntosh, John
  • Ross, Jennifer
  • Slaughter, Nicholas
  • Williams, Jonathan

Cohort entering Fall 2010

  • Cooper, Isabella
  • Depriest, Elizabeth
  • Gleich, Lewis
  • Hearn, Janet
  • Lindenman, Heather
  • Neff, Adam
  • Vorona, Rachel
  • Perez, Emily
  • Stanutz, Katherine
  • Visconti, Amanda
  • Wakeman, Robert

Cohort entering Fall 2009

  • Cote, Paul
  • Okereke-Beshel, Uchechi
  • Stewart, Nancy

Cohort entering Fall 2008

  • Kelber, Nathan
  • Morillo, Kara
  • Olsen, Porter
  • Underland, Nathaniel

Cohort entering Fall 2007

  • Fontenot, Kara
  • Higby, Sharon
  • Horton, Seth
  • Kirch, Lisa
  • Lape, Kisa
  • Merritt, Amy
  • Phillips, Natalie
  • Singleton, Kelly
  • Steed, Anna

Cohorts entering Fall 2006 & before

  • Lloyd, Adam
  • Maffuccio, Christine
  • Marks,  Jodean

MA Students

Cohort entering Fall 2016

  • Ballard, Brittni 
  • Bonney, Sarah 
  • Burgard, Robert 
  • Burghardt, Nora 
  • Cochran, Nicole 
  • Colclough, Christopher 
  • Liling, Dara 
  • Liu, Shuang 
  • Lucci, Robert 
  • Parker, Alexandra 
  • Riehl, Allison 
  • Rovito, Maria 
  • Moix-Rogers, Savannah 
  • Suarez, Christopher 
  • Szybisty, Dominika 
  • Worku, Rahel 
  • Worrell, Vincent 

Cohort entering Fall 2015

  • Estelle, Kara 
  • Feichtl, Brooke   
  • Frankos, Rick   
  • Freeland, Vincent   
  • Harrington, Jessica    
  • Li, Leah    
  • McDonald, Trent   
  • Monin, Mitchel    
  • Park, Kimberly    
  • Petersen, Kate   
  • Reichertz, Margaret   
  • Reing, Brian    
  • Russell, Shaun    
  • Schrodt, Melissa    
  • Smith, Emily   
  • Smith, Jasmine    
  • Stepler, Daniel    
  • Stewart, Lenaya    
  • Talbott, Tyler    
  • Thompson, Will   
  • Wood, Georgia    

Cohort entering Fall 2014

  • Calado, Filipa   
  • Carpenter, Ruth
  • Graves, Alexander
  • Halvorsen, Morgan         
  • Hart, Erin
  • Hopkins, Jessica
  • Hutchison, Allison           
  • Labrecque, Arielle
  • O'Brien, Daune
  • Pleasants, Kara
  • Rizzo, Caitlin      
  • Schulz, John
  • Slack, Gary          
  • Smedley, Matthew
  • Thompson, Justin            
  • Tobin, Jenna      
  • Tooma, Kayla

Cohort entering Fall 2013

  • Dodson, Denis
  • Gogarty, Amanda
  • Lam, Collin
  • Lyons, Sara
  • Marotta, Molly
  • Richman, Ashleigh
  • Whitlock, Larry

Comparative Literature Students

Cohort entering Fall 2016

  • Allan, Keisha 
  • Azam, Fatima 
  • Vera, Nancy 
  • Wei, Miranda

Cohort entering Fall 2015

  • Domnick, Martina   

Cohort entering Fall 2014

  • Edrei, Chen
  • Soulet, Manon
  • Tillman, Nathan

Cohort entering Fall 2013

  • Knowles, Andrea
  • Rojcewicz, Stephen
  • Sarabi, Niloo

Cohort entering Fall 2012

  • Pratsovyta, Nataliya
  • Rivera, Ines Pastora

Cohort entering Fall 2011

  • Fabricant, Noah

Cohort entering Fall 2009

  • Farach, Ana
  • Metz, Jeremy

Cohort entering Fall 2008

  • Jamshidi, Abbas

MFA Students


  • Brown, Pierce 
  • Chism, Carlos 
  • De Bel, Heather 
  • Ellis, Derek 
  • Goodson, Anna 
  • Hill, Kiyanna 
  • Hunter, Martha 
  • Islam, Sabrina
  • Jicha, Ariel 
  • Kennedy, Kelly
  • Komar, Ravenna
  • Kun, Tara 
  • McCormally, Anna 
  • McCracken, Quinn
  • McDonald, Leigh 
  • Myrick, Emily
  • Neal, Laura 
  • Philpot, Christopher 
  • Polek, Nicolette 
  • Pratiwi, Theresia 
  • Reid, Caitlin 
  • Sevick, Jacob 
  • Smith, Jason 
  • Witte, Peter  
  • Zitta, Anthony