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Michelle Von Euw

Headshot of Michelle Von Euw

Senior Lecturer, English

(301) 405-3851

1236 Tawes Hall
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Michelle Von Euw holds an MFA from the University of Maryland with a focus in fiction. Her stories have been published in three anthologies, including in Gravity Dancers: Even More Fiction by Washington Area Women, as well as the literary journals Aethlon, The Charles River Review, and the Elysian Fields Quarterly. She's also written popculture nonfiction and sports journalism for various print and online publications.

Michelle's current professional activities include teaching technical writing at the University of Maryland, creative writing at GW, business writing at AU, and an effective writing seminar for a federal agency; and providing editing, lecturing, legal communication, and writing services as a consultant. She's currently at work on a historical novel that spans 70 years and three generations of siblings. [Rev. 9/2016]