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ENGL494 - Editing and Document Design

Editorial work is powerful because of its potential to amplify or to gate-keep. Editors boast a keen eye for detail and deep, systemic knowledge of language use and design principles.

But what happens when those skills are coupled with cultural and individual (in)experiences, biases, (il)logics, and value systems? In this course, a close examination of the principles and practices of editing and document design will be framed by a careful and honest reckoning with the relationship between language and power. Students will consider the impact of their editorial and design work on writers and audiences—particularly those who have been marginalized. We will also consider how professional skills such as editing and design work can be deployed in service of equity and justice work in social and civic contexts.

Prerequisite: ENGL393 or ENGL391; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department. 

0201 - Cecilia Shelton

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