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ENGL497 - English at Work

The humanities are sometimes casually dismissed as “useless” knowledge that will help you be interesting at parties but leave you unemployable on the job market.

Nothing is further from the truth, though. Countless reports and employers, both local and national, have declared the importance of humanities degrees for a changing workforce, and 97% of UMD’s ARHU majors are in full-time jobs, internships, or graduate school within 6 months of graduation. This course helps humanities majors research post-graduation career options and clearly articulate the skills you have gained in your college career to potential employers. You will learn to adapt the writing expertise you have developed in college essays to a variety of genres common to the workplace. The course will culminate with you producing a portfolio that showcases the best work you have done in college and highlights how the strengths of your humanities major are applicable to the career path you plan to pursue.

Prerequisite: ENGL301; and an ENGL course at the 300-level or higher. Restriction: Must have earned a minimum of 60 credits.

0101 - Blake Wilder

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