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ENGL479J: Flash Fictions

Flash fiction exists somewhere between the short story and the prose poem. Traditionally described as a short story of less than one thousand words, it is a form that has risen to prominence alongside the proliferation of online literary journals (circa 2008), many of which publish solely flash fictions. The form’s abbreviated nature allows writers to hint at a larger world, or tell a complete narrative in a fragmentary space. In this class we will examine the various forms and structures of flash fiction (narrative, joke, triptych, etc.) and read the work of various journals (Smokelong Quarterly, Wigleaf Top 50) and practitioners of the form (Kathy Fish, Ernest Hemingway, Alice Walker, Tara Campbell, Joy Williams, etc.). Final grade will be based on papers, short responses, journals and flash stories.

0101 - Rion Scott

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