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ENGL388P - English Careers Internship

Prerequisite: Permission of ARHU-English department. Repeatable to 12 credits if content differs. Additional information: Each enrolled credit equals 45 hours of on-site internship work. Students receive credit for an internship of their choice that focuses at least half of its work on core English skills such as writing, editing, and research. Students secure their own internship placements. Course assignments include, for instance, an activity log, reflection papers, a supervisor evaluation, and a final portfolio of work.

This course supports students placed in professional writing, editing and research internships in law offices, publishing houses, media outlets, government and nonprofit agencies, etc. Students can research available internships through the English Department listserv or Careers4Terps; they can also find their own internships. Acceptable internships will require a minimum time commitment of 45 hours per credit, with 50 percent of that time devoted to writing, research and editing activities. Suggested prerequisites are a 2.5 GPA and successful completion of a Professional Writing course. Course assignments include daily log-keeping, 2-4 page progress reports, and a final portfolio. Interns acquire professional skills and experience, develop networks, and explore career possibilities. For more information and an application visit our website (  

0101 - Karen Lewis

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