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ENGL354 - Intermediate Scriptwriting for Theater, Film, and Television

Demystifies the art of dramatic writing. Students will come to understand that a play or screenplay is never a lecture, and that we write scripts to find out something about ourselves and the subjects we tackle. Students will analyze plays and screenplays, as well as workshop each others' scripts, to help them produce their own successful plays and screenplays written for the stage, screen, or box.

This is a class in writing for stage, screen, and box. At least some writing will be due each week, starting with short scenes and monologues, and gradually progressing to a completed play, screenplay, or teleplay (75 to 100 pages) for each student by semester's end. We shall also read about 10 plays and screenplays. Acting out of new work each week by students is also required. If professional theatres are open in the spring, students will also be required to attend a play or two.

0101 - Michael Olmert

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