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ENGL291 - Writing, Revising, Persuading

An opportunity to become a better communicator, a more engaged citizen, and a more capable writer.

Students will learn to construct (and de-struct) effective written arguments, including advanced tenets of writing style and how to adapt their style, format, and argument based on audience and genre. This course involves academic writing, but also recognizes the importance of professional and social communications.

Students will consider the place of visuals, data, creative writing, and casual writing formats. Students will enjoy the freedom, and the responsibility, of developing their own writing projects. In all, students will challenge themselves while growing together as a group, able to produce superior academic essays, erudite reports, and incisive social media content.  This course satisfies the Distributive Studies Humanities (DSHU) or the Distributive Studies Scholarship in Practice (DSSP) requirement for General Education. 

0101 - Joseph Good

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