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ENGL255 - Literature of Science and Technology

“The (In)Human Factor”

This course examines representations of science of technology in British and American literature since the Industrial Revolution, with special emphasis on intersections of scientific and social progress and evolving ideas of what it means to be human. Our reading will cover a range of genres, from natural philosophy to science fiction, and explore a variety of scientific disciplines, including computing, communications, genetics, and space exploration.

Through close reading of the texts assigned and engagement with a set of core themes, we will discuss how literature depicts, predicts, critiques, and reimagines major scientific and technological developments. This course will also encourage discussion of literary form and how these ideas are reinterpreted in other mediums, including music and film. This course satisfies the Distributive Studies Humanities (DSHU) requirement for General Education. 

0101 - Melanie Rio

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