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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Internship (ENGL 388V)

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA) Internship is a program allowing students to facilitate class activities and aid in project feedback for an English instructor, whether in a writing, rhetoric, literary or media studies course.

ENGL 388V is a four-credit Scholarship in Practice course designed to guide students in their experiences as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in English courses. The course has two distinct but integrated components.  Three-quarters of the UTA’s time (approximately eight-ten hours a week) and evaluation will take place in and related to the writing course, while the other quarter (approximately two-three hours a week) will take place in the supporting seminar that meets weekly.

About the Internship


To be eligible as UTAs, students must have:

  • 30 credits by the semester of the internship
  • earned an A in the course in which they will work (students who were exempt from ENGL 101 are still eligible to work as UTAs for that course)
  • a 3.0 GPA overall

Learning Outcomes

By the conclusion of the course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Select, critically evaluate, and apply relevant areas of composition scholarship and the scholarship of teaching and learning to the teaching of writing;
  • Articulate the processes required to bring about a successful outcome in the classroom;
  • Demonstrate an ability to collaborate in order to bring about a successful outcome in a composition course;
  • Analyze how classroom applications of scholarship can or should account for differences in the gender, class, racial, ethnic, linguistic, and sexual orientation of class members and instructors;
  • Produce and deliver lesson plans and teaching artifacts that reflect research relevant to composition and pedagogy

For the weekly seminar, students will read materials in composition theory and writing pedagogy, make connections between the scholarship and their classroom experiences, participate in weekly online and in-class discussions, and create a final course portfolio featuring the work they have done in the writing classroom and their reflections on that work.

Responsibilities of UTAs may include

  •     Keeping track of attendance and participation
  •     Managing ELMS site
  •     Suggesting/selecting readings for a lesson
  •     Helping instructor plan class activities
  •     Designing and facilitating in-class lessons
  •     Leading peer editing sessions online or face-to-face for small groups of students
  •     Overseeing student participation on the discussion board
  •     Designing and grading quizzes
  •     Preparing brief digital resources for the course
  •     Holding office hours
  •     Meeting weekly with instructor
  •     Other duties as negotiated with instructor

UTAs are expected attend all meetings of the writing course they are assigned to, meet regularly with the course instructor for planning, give in-class lessons, and hold office hours for students in the course.

Apply to the Internship

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Writing Internship: Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA) in English

General Information

Writing Courses Completed

Additional Materials

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Please upload the following materials in Word, PDF, or RTF format:

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Statement of Interest

A description (in about 250-300 words) of why you would like to participate in this internship.  Please include some discussion of your qualifications (related course work, tutoring experience, etc.) and your past experiences working with other people.

One file only.
40 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx.

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Two Samples of Academic Writing

Please also include a brief (a few sentences) description of the course and the assignment for each.

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Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx.
One file only.
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Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx.


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List the names and contact information for two former instructors (preferably at UM) whom we can contact to learn more about you.

Reference One

Reference Two

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After submitting this form it will be reviewed by a member of the Academic Writing and/or Professional Writing Programs. You will not be able to register for this course until given permission from the program.

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If you encounter technical problems with the application, please email all materials, including the text entry field responses, to
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