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Elizabeth Arnold's Poem Accepted by Kenyon Review

November 09, 2021 English

Elizabeth Arnold profile photo

Elegy will appear in May 2022.

Elizabeth Arnold's long poem, Elegy, was just accepted by Kenyon Review. It will appear in May 2022.

Elegy, a poem about home, contains a fair amount of surprisingly rich found material from an article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by the paleontologist Robert de Palma, who made an important discovery regarding the Chixculub asteroid impact in what is now the Yucatan, how within minutes there was flooding in South Dakota, where de Palma found evidence of mass extinction. Braided into all of this are memories from my childhood, my aging mother, fears about sea level rise, and so on (I grew up on the St. John's River in North Florida), endings that my reading about Chixculub called up.