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Fall 2020 Featured Courses

Explore Fall 2020 course themes to learn about race, power, storytelling, and more.

Writing on the Job
Enhance your writing and communication skills.

Language and Power
Learn how language impacts our worldview.

Stories of Black Lives Matter
Learn contexts behind the movement.

Global Black Voices
Read the works of black voices from around the world and examine stories of migration, struggle, equality, and liberation.

Stories of America, Past and Present
Learn contexts for the present moment in America by studying the past.

Technology, Stories and Storytelling
Explore the intersection between technology, imagination, and what it means to be human.

The Written Legacies of Colonialism
Understand the lasting impact of American and European colonialism through literature.

Asynchronous Classes
For students who need flexibility in their fall schedule, we are offering several online courses asynchronously, meaning that you won't need to be available at a particular class time each week.