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UMD English at MLA

January 06, 2021 English

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University of Maryland faculty and graduate students will present recent research on a variety of topics at the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting from January 7-9, 2021.

The 2021 convention (#mla21) will take place online January 7-10. The presidential theme for the convention is Persistence. Faculty and graduate students presenting current research include Peter Mallios, Julius Fleming Jr., Kimberly Anne Coles, Chad Infante, Martha Nell Smith, John Macintosh, Marina del Sol, Kellie Robertson, James Rankin, Orrin Wang, Sangeeta Ray, Lee Konstantinou, Jeffrey Moro, Melanie Rio, Jeannette Schollaert, Dominique Young, Liam Thomas Daley, Andrew Ferguson, Valérie K. Orlando, Charlee Bezilla, and Maria Beliaeva Solomon.

Thursday, 7 January:

Friday January 8

Saturday January 9

Sunday January 10

Research presentations:

Thursday 7 January

Friday 8 January

Saturday 9 January

Sunday 10 January