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Recent PhD Career Outcomes

November 02, 2021 English

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The department is pleased to announce the following career outcomes of recent PhD recipients.

Recent Career News

Aqdas Aftab (ENGL PhD, '21) is an Assistant Professor at Loyola University of Chicago.
Joseph Good (ENGL PhD, '21) is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Pennsylvania State University State.
Keisha Allan (CMLT PhD, '21) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center, University of Maryland.
Kyle Bickoff (ENGL PhD, '21) is a Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Justine DeCamillis (ENGL PhD, '21) is the Assistant Director of Justice and Legal Thought, University of Maryland.
Hillary Roegelein (ENGL PhD, '21) is an Associate Media Editor in History at W.W. Norton & Company in New York City.
Nabila Hijazii (ENGL PhD, '20) is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Loyola University Writing Department.

Recent Updates

DeLisa Hawkes (ENGL PhD, '20) is now Assistant Professor of African American Studies at the University Tennessee, Knoxville (formerly Assistant Professor of English, University of Texas-El Paso0.
Norrell Edwards (ENGL PhD, '20) is now the Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow at Texas Christian University (formerly Assistant Director of Education at Georgetown University Prisons and Justice Initiative).

 Congratulations to all of these graduates and their advisors.