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News from Neil Fraistat

July 15, 2021 English

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Recent works and updates.

Emeritus Professor Neil Fraistat has a recent publication with Johns Hopkins University Press. Fraistat was the general co-general editor for Vol. VII of The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley, a new volume of JHU Press's landmark Shelley edition containing posthumous poems edited from original manuscripts.

Upholding the standards of accuracy and comprehensiveness set by previous volumes, every item in Volume 7 has been newly edited from the original manuscripts, in some cases superseding texts that have stood since 1870. Extensive appendixes contain Mary Shelley's preface to Posthumous Poems, Shelley's source for "Ginevra," and preparatory material for his play Charles the First. Wide-ranging discussions of the poems' composition, influences, publication, circulation, reception, and critical history accompany detailed records of textual variants for each work. The editorial overview and commentaries offer insights into Mary Shelley's editorial strategies while proposing surprising new contexts and redatings.