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Faculty Members Promoted to Rank of Senior Lecturers

July 12, 2021 English

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Amanda Allen, Andrew Delfino, Robin Allen-Klein, Alex Calloway, Nia Crawford, Sarah Dammeyer, Daune O'Brien, Ruth Anne Phillips, and Eric Thiel have been promoted to rank of Senior Lecturer

Congratulations to our faculty recently promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer. The candidates' impressive record of exemplary performance in the areas of teaching, research, and service speak to the significant contributions they have made to the Academic and Professional Writing Programs, the Department, and the University.

Amanda Allen

Andrew Delfino

Robin Allen-Klein

Alex Calloway

Nia Crawford

Sarah Dammeyer

Daune O'Brien

Ruth Anne Phillips

Eric Thiel

Thank you to the AEP Committee Chair, Kellie Roberston, and committee members Caroline Wilkins, Rebecca Holden, Dan Saalfield, Pam Orel, Jess Enoch, and Scott Wible and Kevin Nesline and Valerie Hornsby.