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IDEA Best Practices Guides

The IDEA Committee has formalized Best Practices for promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the administration of every one of the department’s different units. Each unit composed a Best Practices Guide outlining how it supports and advances IDEA.  The aim of the guide is to codify practices that might currently be informal or ad hoc and make them easily carried over as administrative positions change. The guide is also an occasion for each unit to conduct benchmarking regarding IDEA among our institutional peers and to develop new practices.

Each guide is approximately 10 pages maximum and accomplishes three things:

1)    Briefly characterizes each type of work performed by area in the department. Types of work include, for instance, curriculum, hiring, training/mentoring, promotion, purchasing, funding/support, resources, services, events, accessibility, and outreach.

2)    Offers a bulleted list of IDEA best practices for each type of work performed.

3)    Includes a list of future IDEA initiatives for each area.

We consider each guide a living document, and every fall, the chair meets with each faculty director and staff to review what has been most successful about these best practices and what new possibilities exist.